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2020 Blog Posts:

August: Ten ways you can use psychologically minded language with your gifted/2e student– Part Two

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July: Ten Ways to Use Psychologically Minded Language with your Gifted/2E student-Part One

2019 Blog Posts:

February:  IU13 Student Enrichment Experience (SEE) Program 

January: The Journey of Being Gifted and Finding My “Brilliance” 

2018 Blogs:

October: Power in numbers: How gifted advocacy parent groups can help you and your kids

June: The 2E Chronicles: Insight into the Twice-Exceptional Mind, from Superstar to At-Risk

May: Positive Education through Gifted Programs

April: Why Gifted Education Needs Activists

March: Tips for Identifying Potentially Gifted Students

February: Developing the Social-Emotional Needs of Gifted Learners at Home and School

January: WIRED from birth: Gifted Children and Technology