Through Advocacy, PAGE:

• Serves as your spokesperson for state and national legislative actions.
• Monitors the regulations, legislative process and compliance procedures in PA.
• Provides current information to you about the state and federal actions.
• Provides contact with the world of gifted educators and advocates – we are an affiliate of the national  organization which in turn is an affiliate of the world organization.
• Partners with and disseminates information through PSEA and PTA.
• Trains the leaders of, and supports the work of, Affiliate chapters within school districts.

PAGE Provides:

• Recognition awards for special commitment of teachers, parents, students, and advocates.
• Affiliate Weekend – a free weekend workshop for leaders of affiliate chapters.
• State and Regional professional/parent conferences.
• Handbook for Affiliate Leaders.
• Handbook for Teachers and Parents through PSEA and PTA
• Links to professional development opportunities.
• Website and telephone HelpLine to answer your personal questions.
• Speakers Bureau to Affiliate Chapters.
• UPDATE and Bulletin publications.
• Calls for Action on urgent issues affecting gifted education.