PAGE Affiliates

Here you will find links to current chapters, how to join an existing affiliate, how to create a new affiliate chapter in your area, the Affiliate Handbook, and other useful tools. Please continue to check back for these new and exciting pieces to better support and grow our PAGE Affiliate chapters across PA!


If you have any questions, please reach out and contact the PAGE Affiliate Director, Deanie Gauntlett, for assistance.

Interested in Joining or Starting an Affiliate Chapter? These Resources are for You:

Current Affiliate Chapter Resources:

  • Looking for someone to speak at your next event/meeting?
    • To schedule a speaker, contact the Affiliate Director to check for availability.  To receive your FREE speaker under your Affiliate Benefits, you MUST schedule through the Affiliate Director, or your affiliate will need to directly pay the speaker their going professional speaking rate. 
  • Need to update your Affiliate information? –
  • Want to add an upcoming meeting or event to the PAGE website, Facebook, and/or Twitter feed?
    • Email the PAGE Administrative Assistant.