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The Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE) website is an online community and source for information, resources, and learning opportunities to enhance the educational opportunities for students with gifted and talented learning needs. Increase your visibility with PAGE’s online and print advertising options. This is an opportunity to reach an audience focused on issues within the field of gifted education within Pennsylvania and throughout the United States. PAGE’s advertising options are a perfect way to meet your marking objectives, expand your message, and reach PAGE members and nonmembers interested in gifted.

PAGE Website Statistics:

  • 3,071,190 website visits since new website was launched in January 2017
  • 95,594 average monthly page views
  • 1,171 Education Professionals actively accessing PAGE resources
  • 1,656 Parents and others actively accessing PAGE resources

New and improved advertising options coming soon!

Questions about Advertising with PAGE?

Contact the PAGE Administrative Assistant, Kacey Shoupe