PAGE Webinars

This page will host a listing of all upcoming Live Webinars and Pre-recorded sessions. Please continue to check back for these offerings as they become available this fall!

  • All Live webinars will have a maximum capacity, so make sure to register early for these offerings.
  • All Pre-recorded sessions will be available for FREE to all current PAGE members. Just make sure you are logged in to view these session offerings. 


  1. Cameron Foster – 2018 Gifted Perspective Series Video winner discusses what education means to her as a third grade student who is gifted.
    • This video is free to view.
  2. Affiliate Webinar with Dr. Gail Post
    • In this 45 minutes session, Dr. Gail Post discusses ways to prevent and break through barriers when trying to advocate for your child. This video segment also discusses how to create better relationships with your child’s school.
  3. Essential Elements: Acceleration and Differentiation for Gifted and Talented K-12 Students with Dr. Maggie Broderick
    • Dr. Maggie Broderick hosts this 20 minute session. She provides an introduction to the topics of acceleration and differentiation within our schools. The session will focus the discussion for both teachers and parents.