Presentations and Handouts

Apps & Ideas to Help Your Gifted Classroom STEAM (Katie Leach, Ed.D.)

Back to Basics: Gifted Education in PA (Jonathan Klingeman, D.Ed.)

Beast Academy (Art of Problem Solving)

Bell Ringers to Promote Divergent Thinking (Susan Gable & Lindsay Wood)

Building Executive Function Skills to Support Self-Advocacy in Gifted Teens (Natalie Smith)

Creativity with Story Cubes (Sarah Brambley)

Doing More with Less- Tips for Innovative Elementary Gifted Programming in Limited-Resource Settings (Hannah Kaptur)

Engineering Passion Projects (Scott Stickney)

Enrichment Strategies for Gifted Learners (Erin Cummings & Josh Ecker)

Executive FUNctioning (Nicole Reppert)

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead (Mary Ann Green & Dr. Tammy McDonald)

Gifted and Distractable (Julie F. Skolnick, MA, JD)

Gifted Dyslexics Resources (Cynthia Allen-Fuss)

The Gifted Games (Nicole Reppert, Mary Reimold, Adam Zeni)

Growing our Gifted (Nicole Reppert, Denise Williams)

Leading from Strength (Vicki Driver, Riverside Insights)

More than Poetry (Marcia Roberts Gregorio & Brett Vogelsinger)

Opinionmasters: Exploring Debate in Elementary School (Jennifer Walters & Amy Warner)

Student-Led Fridays and Why They’re the Best Part of the School Year (Renee Di Pietro)

SEL & Yoga Integration (Lauren Almlof)