Did you miss the 2018 PAGE conference or didn’t make it to a particular session?

Check out presentation slides for several of the sessions offered at this year’s conference.

This page will be available to everyone for the week following conference and after that, you can access by logging into the PAGE site with your membership login. 

*Additional presentation materials are still to come


Thursday Sessions:

  1. KEYNOTE – Under the Radar: Innovations in Identifying Students from Underrepresented Populations – Ashley Flynn
  2. Learning to exhale: Meeting the intellectual and emotional needs of gifted children: Jim Delisle
  3. Welcome to Gifted Education: Ciminy St. Clair, Marcia Gregorio and others
  4. Imagination, Intelligence and Creativity: Dan Hunter
  5. Creating Extraordinary Learning: Managing Student Engagement in a Mobile Technology Society: Dr. Bradley Arnold
  6. The Power of Hands-On Learning in S.T.E.A.M.: Laura Coe & Kelly Carpenter
  7. Rock Solid: Using Themes to Anchor Elementary Gifted Enrichment: Jeff Roberts & Susan Gebhard
  8. Improv-ing Social Skills: Using Improv Games to Develop Social Skills in Gifted Students: Matthew J. Zakreski, PsyD
    1. Improv-ing Social Skills PowerPoint Slides
  9. The Office for Dispute Resolution Overview: Kati Clendenin
  10. Cultivating Creativity: Mike Sernoffsky
  11. Gifted Program Self-Evaluation: Educators as Agents of Change: Dr. Charlton Wolfgang; Jonathan Klingeman; Bronwyn Korchnak; David Mendell; Dr. York Williams


Friday Sessions:

  1. KEYNOTE – Doing Poorly on Purposes: Strategies to Reverse Underachievement and Respect Student Dignity – Dr. Jim Delisle
  2. The WIREWorks: An Integrated Creative Collaboratory: Colette Silvestri
  3. Why Spatial?: Spatial Reasoning Skills, Achievement, & Learning – Ashley Flynn
  4. Thoughtful Games for Global Awareness: Judith Mosse
  5. Sensory Integration And Understanding Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities: Jaime Bassman
  6. Citizen Science in the Gifted Education Classroom: Dr. James A. Feuerstein
  7. Twisting, Turning, and Growth Mindset Learning: Nicole Reppert & Darcie Saar
  8. The Office for Dispute Resolution Overview: Kati Clendenin
  9. The Other 97%: Challenging Gifted Learners in the Regular Education Classroom: Bob Young
    1. The Other 97% Challenging Gifted Learners in the Regular Education Classroom
    3. IST Form
    4. Husky Challenge Invite blank
    5. Husky Challenge Booklet Example
  10. It’s Lit! Curating Community and Connection through Cross-Grade Literary Circles in Middle School: Carolyn McKinney & Rachel Nichols
    1. It’s Lit PowerPoint Slides
    2. PAGE Handout – McKinney & Nichols
    3. Pyramus and Thisbe_Romeo and Juliet_West Side Story
  11. Creating Capstone Experiences: Designing Multifaceted Projects that Foster Innovation and Creative Problem Solving: Dr. Ashley Nestor, Mrs. Susan Kreit, & Mrs. Sarah Everest
  12. Incorporating Gifted/Enrichment into MTSS:  Sherri Morett
  13. Being a Member of a Consortium: An exponential effect in partnerships fostering and supporting student engagement: Sarah Skelton- Iroquois School District & Dr. Jeanette Schnars – Regional Science Consortium
  14. Motivate the Unmotivated: The Gifted Plus Crisis: Jeanette Salinas, Ed.D.
  15. Protractors to Pucks: Leveraging the Fast Paced Game of Hockey to Bring STEM Concepts to Life!: Alyssa Mahramus
  16. Effective Advocacy with a Common Goal: Jen Zatchey
  17. Continuing the Conversation with Jim Delisle: Jim Delisle
  18. Create & Innovate Through Project Based Learning: Scott Stickney
  19. Math and Science Stories to Inspire Passion in Gifted Students: Lawrence Zaccaro
  20. Full Grade Acceleration from the Parent and School Perspectives: Academic, Familial, Social, and Other Factors: Jeff Roberts, M.Ed. & Beth LaGamba, Ed.D
  21. Innovation through Human-Centered Design: Bill Lucas
  22. Creativity: Stimulating the Starting Point: Damon M. Piletz
  23. Navigating the Quest for College:Dr. Gae Anderson-Miller
  24. The Cultivation of the Collective Among Gifted Students: Achieving Success Through Social Emotional Development: Kate M. Kossar
    1. Achieving Success Through Social Emotional Development – PowerPoint Slides The Cultivation of the Collective Among Gifted Students
    2. The Cultivation of the Collective Among Gifted Students
  25. The Road to Quiz Bowl: Jonathan Klingeman, Lori Brown, Debra Daggs, & Sheila Abruzzo