The Distinguished Student Award is designed to recognize achievement in academics, the arts, innovation, leadership, and/or service for students across the Commonwealth. PAGE believes that this award inspires students to achieve their fullest potential, highlights high-ability students, and draws attention to the merit of addressing the educational needs of Pennsylvania’s gifted and talented children.

One child per grade range category can be named a Distinguished Student and each winner receives a PAGE Certificate of Excellence as well as a $100 check to be used to further their intellectual, artistic, or service pursuits.

Eligible students may be nominated by parents, teachers, peers, or community/civic groups.  Nominator must be a current member of PAGE. The award is open to students in the following grade range categories: grades 3-6, grades 7-9, and grades 10-12 who are outstanding in one or more of the following areas:

  • Academics by displaying curiosity and motivation to learn, by challenging him/herself to go “above and beyond,” and by consistently demonstrating high academic performance;
  • The Arts by exhibiting originality, creatively executing ideas, and exhibiting technical competence; and/or
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit by producing a new concept, product, service, or similar and by executing a plan to that end; and/or
  • Community Service/Leadership by proactively addressing the community, demonstrating initiative and committing energy with actions resulting in direct benefit to others.

To qualify, the nomination application should include:

  1. A statement (500 word limit) explaining the reasons for the nomination.
  2. Three letters of recommendation. At least two should be from someone other than the nominee’s family member – such as a teacher, principal, or mentor, explaining why the student is deserving of the award, what sets him or her apart from others, and how the nominee impacts other people in the community. The letters of recommendation should include the following points:
    1. What is the activity or interest area for which the student is being nominated?
    2. How did the student become interested/involved in the activity?
    3. What impact has the activity had on the student and on others?
    4. How have the student’s future plans and goals been affected by this activity or interest area?
    5. How does the student intend to use the prize money to further his/her endeavors?
  3. Release form completed and signed by a parent granting permission for PAGE to use the nominee’s name, composition, and a photo in award publicity and announcements, should he or she be selected.
  4. Nominee must be enrolled in a PA school during the 2023 calendar year.

To submit an application for the Distinguished Student Award you can complete the form below.

All submissions must be received by September 1st, 2023 September 22nd, 2023